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The 2020's have changed weddings, but don't have to ruin them. 


Family and friends unable to attend the ceremony in person have had no options other than waiting to see a video later or straining to watch a low quality livestream with a feed that goes in and out as it pleases...usually during the most important moments. Those that want to watch your wedding ceremony shouldn't have to rely on luck to get them through.


Introducing our new package: The Broadcast. A live broadcast with a reliable connection, voices you can hear loud and clear, and a beautiful image, no matter where you choose to have your wedding. 

Broadcast Package.jpg

Broadcast from the platform of your choosing. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even your own website! Let it be seen by the world or choose to have it broadcast private with a special link only to your invited guests. 

The budget you have shouldn't determine whether or not your family and friends get to watch a reliable stream of your wedding. Save money by streaming from 1 camera only or to give guests superior views than even those watching in person, choose a multicam setup where viewers can see the wedding at every angle from a wideshot of the venue to a closeup of the groom's face as he sees his bride walk down the isle.

Depending on where the wedding takes place, we have a list of WiFi and cellular options with a steady stream that won't allow guests to miss a single moment.

Select one of the two buttons below to call or email us with any question you may have and start planning your ideal broadcast!


"Every bride deserves a high quality video of her special day – no matter the budget she’s dealing with. That’s why we offer 3 (now 4) packages with the option of virtually endless customization for those that want it to ensure that every bride has the chance to have her wedding captured in its full beauty, the way they envision it. It's what makes us different"

What you can expect:

Pre-Production: We understand the importance of getting to know you so we can tell your unique story through video exactly the way you want. We’ll meet with you at least once whether that be through Zoom or in person to get to know you and then create a wedding package that will be a perfect match.

Production: Depending on the package you choose, these are some of the events that may happen during production. We will capture your story in full HD through pre-wedding interviews or other planned shoots at different locations in order to create a 2-5 minute Love Story or Vignette that will be perfect for sharing on social media, or even to show at your reception. We may attend your rehearsal to ensure the perfect placement of our cameras so we can get the best views of the bridal party. On your wedding day, we will take care to arrive in plenty of time to set up and capture every moment of the preparations as the wedding party gets ready and the guests begin to arrive. We will arrive at the reception location before you do, and stay until you make your exit. We are also available to create “Save the Date” videos, which you can share with your friends and family in advance of the wedding invitation. These videos are lots of fun and full of creative possibilities, and they create excitement and anticipation surrounding your wedding celebration. We can also create “Engagement Announcement” videos, in which you share the exciting news of your engagement with friends and family through a creative video.

Post-Production: We will get busy editing all of the footage from your celebration as soon as the wedding is complete, and the first thing you’ll receive from us is a draft of The Highlight for you to preview privately. If everything is to your satisfaction, we will release The Highlight so you may share it with friends and family through social media or any other way you’d like. The next thing you’ll receive is a copy of all the wedding videos which may include the Ceremony Coverage, the Reception Reel, The Highlight, Vignette, and interviews with loved ones. A full resolution digital copy of each video deliverable is included. You can also get all content on either a DVD ($10),Blu-Ray ($25) or a flash drive ($100). Additional copies of the DVD may be ordered at a cost of $5 each. Additional Blu-Ray discs will be available at a cost of $15 each.

Investment: You only have one opportunity to capture all the special moments of your wedding day through video. We want to ensure that the investment you make in wedding cinematography will be everything you’ve hoped for, and will be something you will treasure for years to come. We look forward to meeting with you and getting you a proposal that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations.



“With video you not only can see your entire first dance and relive that amazing moment, but you'll also be able to HEAR that song (that way your husband won't be allowed to forget the song...) A lot only consider the visual aspect of hiring a cinematographer, but audio is basically half of what makes a video, so you'll be hearing your voices hopefully 20 years down the road from your wedding, hearing the dances, etc. That's something you'll cherish for the rest of your life as your wedding day slowly fades into the past.” 

—  Diana

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Cinematic Technologies is here to be able to present you with high quality wedding cinematography at a reasonable investment. Every couple deserves an amazing wedding video that captures the excitement, joy, and emotion from this special time of life. We will cover the entire wedding and more, depending on the package you choose. If none of the package choices are the right fit, we are happy to work with you to create a customized package that is completely perfect for your wedding. We will usually include a “highlight” or “trailer” of your special day. The trailer will capture your wedding’s unique feel and personality as it encapsulates the best moments of the wedding celebration into a three to five minute film, and is usually the bride and groom’s favorite video to share with all their family and friends. We offer much, much more than wedding trailers, though. Please see our wedding packages and feel free to contact us for more details. Our cinematography is always of the highest quality and resolution, and we strive to artistically create a cinema-quality look and feel to every aspect of your celebration. This is your wedding we’re talking about - a day worth investing in. Thank you to every couple that has granted us the honor of capturing their wedding.

Below are a few samples of the many beautiful weddings we get the privilege of filming every year. Enjoy!



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