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One of the reasons millennials are leaving church is because they feel they can't relate to the church anymore, and the biggest way to change that is to adapt. To prevent our next generation post-millennials, from doing the same, and leaving churches to die out, adapting is crucial.  Adapt to new technology, to new social media platforms. And when you have something to say to your church? Announce it through video whenever possible, and you'll be surprised at how many more people pay attention to what's being said when they get to watch a video instead. 


Source: Ryan Nelson on Faithlife Blog


A reverse poem video that premiered on Northside Church's new LED wall on Easter Sunday 2018. The video leaked to other local church staff members around the state, country, and eventually internationally before the end of the week. Permission to use the video was given to all congregations that asked.

Easter Reverse Poem 2018

Easter Reverse Poem 2018

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