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If you’ve caught yourself replicating PSY’s dance moves or have ever done the “Harlem Shake,” then you’re direct proof of how music videos can capture people’s attention. Some of the most popular videos of the past few years (okay, these examples are more like from the past 10 years, but the example still applies!) have been music videos, including those for the hit songs “Blurred Lines,” “Wrecking Ball” and “Harlem Shake.” And that’s good news for artists who benefit from increased exposure and additional forms of revenue.


To capitalize on this success, many brands today are jumping on the music video bandwagon and incorporating products into big-name artists’ videos. If executed well, a brand’s integration can improve consumers’ perception and attitudes towards the brand. And it’s not just awareness that increases with exposure. These subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) integrations of brands and music can also boost brand perception and purchase intent for even greater impact.

Music videos represent a very important part of the music industry. There are even artists that owe their careers to their music videos. Music videos have become a venue where music artists are given a chance to impress the public not just with their vocal talent but also with their looks or moves. There are people who become instant fans because of the music videos they see on TV.


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