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Promotional Videos range from introducing a new product, to showing off a company.

Adding video to your website allows you to clearly communicate your key messages and attracts more traffic from your key target market in an engaging way. Here's why...

Increase and improved visibility online

Did you know Google and YouTube are best friends? Websites which incorporate video score a lot more points with search engines, giving you a big boost over your competitors who do not use them. As YouTube is owned by Google, we recommend uploading your videos directly there, then embedding the video to your website – a great method to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Better visitor engagement

When someone visits your website, video is an exciting and excellent method of communicating with them. Watching and listening to well-produced video content is more engaging than reading pages of text and requires much less effort. Most people also remember information which is conveyed in an audio/visual format better than information they read.

Easier communication

Complex messages are often hard to communicate with written words, even when accompanied by static images. On the other hand, a video or presentation will immediately bring your message to life in a way your audience can easily relate to and remember.

Social media

If visitors that come to your website like your videos, they are likely to forward the link to colleagues and associates or share it through social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. This helps drive a lot more traffic to your website, and creates a buzz about your business.

Returning visitors

Many website owners who currently use video marketing find that adding video increases return visits to their website, especially if they are adding new videos regularly.

A promo we put together for the moHelp app, which took off in 2017
moHelp Promotional Video

moHelp Promotional Video

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