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Ethan has been passionate about cinematography since the age of nine. He began by using his family’s consumer camcorder to make short movies with friends just for fun, but it wasn’t until he began filming recitals and performances, that at age 12 he decided to launch his own business.


Gradually, he began receiving requests nearly every month to be hired for video projects simply by word of mouth. He has since been hired to film numerous events and has created a wide variety of promotional and corporate videos for companies, churches, and individuals.


Once again, word of mouth presented him with a new opportunity - at the age of 15, he had the chance to add wedding cinematography to his repertoire. By age 18, Ethan had filmed over 20 weddings, with more reservations for future weddings coming in all the time. He was hired to produce a local television commercial in early 2013 that aired in late March to early April of 2014 on all major networks. Since then, he has produced a second and third commercial which aired in April of 2015 and 2016.  


Although the record books have not yet released an official confirmation of this, many believe Ethan to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs to create a television commercial.

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Ethan at age 10 filming his first wedding

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